Why Groom?

Learn About the Benefits of Pets Grooming


Why Groom?

There are several reasons why getting your dog groomed on a regular basis is beneficial to your dog’s health, in addition to the aesthetic benefits.

If you own a breed that requires routine coat trimming, such as a Shih Tzu, Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, or Maltese, keeping a regular grooming schedule will result in a healthier coat. As a groomer, we prefer to not have to shave a dog due to matted and clumped hair. Those matts can cause pain for your companion due to it pulling on the skin, and they are more likely to develop painful skin problems. Longer and/or softer coats require a brush out before bathing to prevent water from catching in the mats. If water remains in the clumps, it can mold and cause rot. Matting can be extremely painful to attempt to brush out. We are often forced to shave a dog if the coat is extremely matted for the best interest of the dog or cat.

Short to medium coated breeds, such as Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, or German Shepherds, that shed frequently also benefit from keeping a routine grooming schedule. This routine keeps the coat thin, healthy, and tremendously reduces the amount of shedding you will notice.

Dogs cool off their bodies

By panting and air circulation through the pads on their paws. By keeping the hair between their pads clipped, it significantly benefits your dog’s built-in air conditioning unit. It also increases the traction they need to maneuver without slipping on smooth surfaces.

In addition to grooming, keeping your dog’s nails trimmed will result in a more mobile dog. Overgrown nails result in the “splaying” of the pads, which means that your dog has to adjust his stance to compensate for the nail length. This unnatural posture eventually leads to arthritis in their legs and hips and also increases the risk of your dog snagging and tearing nails on floors, carpeting, and furniture. Well-manicured nails will also prevent injury to you from their “pawing” affection.

We also will clean out ears as all dogs benefit from having their ears cleaned on a regular basis. It reduces the buildup of wax that bacteria adhere to. Longer-haired breeds actually grow hair in their ears and that requires plucking. Keeping the ear canal free of this hair prevents ear infections and further complications.

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